Mother’s Day: Blessing those who miss someone

Tomorrow it will be May, the month of Mother’s Day.

An internet search tells me that Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in 70 countries around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Ethiopia, India, Japan, and here in the USA.  In still more countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on a different date or in a slightly different way, like Korea’s Parents Day.  It seems that honoring moms is pretty universal.

Yet there are those who miss someone on a holiday like Mother’s Day.

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Faith Conversations

The blog today won’t be for everyone. If it’s not, then there are lots of other ways to bless your someone.  On the home page, scroll down to the Categories menu and reach out in a way that is meaningful to you!

However, the gift of conversation is a great blessing.  And if faith conversation sparks an interest when you think about reaching out, then in my experience your someone may greatly appreciate your prayers and your openness to discussing faith during times of serious difficulty. Continue reading Faith Conversations

Another Paperwork Blessing: Inventories

As mentioned in a blog last August, there are endless paperwork tasks in our lives today, and the piles of paper only multiply when we are out of work, visiting the doctor, or taking care of a funeral.  Consequently, there are many ways you might provide much-needed service on paper, if that’s your thing.

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A New Year’s Resolution, or… A Plan For Blessing Others

Blogs can be a go-to resource when a sudden crisis affects someone in your world. You may hear about a job loss, cancer diagnosis, or death in the family and do a quick search for the best way to reach out.

Even better?  Plan ahead for success.  Your future can be less stressful and more fulfilling when you have examined yourself, considered lots of ideas, and figured out a plan in advance.

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