A New Year’s Resolution, or… A Plan For Blessing Others

Blogs can be a go-to resource when a sudden crisis affects someone in your world. You may hear about a job loss, cancer diagnosis, or death in the family and do a quick search for the best way to reach out.

Even better?  Plan ahead for success.  Your future can be less stressful and more fulfilling when you have examined yourself, considered lots of ideas, and figured out a plan in advance.

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When lives intersect… it is a blessing

Hello and welcome on blog day 1.

A vision  of standing at the site where two great rivers meet was somewhere down my bucket list.  I had crossed both the mighty Mississippi and the wide Missouri (of ♫Shenandoah♫  fame) many times in my life.  In my imagination, the two would come together in a roaring, rushing, foaming spray of wondrous power.

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