Celebrate: 20th Blog Post

Last week, I celebrated my 20th blog post.  I had an extra Diet Dr. Pepper and said wahoo, or something like that.  Kidding aside, it was a milestone for me, something I’d looked ahead to as a sign of a “real” blogger.

After attending seminars on the topic, I knew passing the 20-blog mark makes a difference.  When someone stops at your site, there is something to look around at, some content on the blog

I’ve found it also means I’ve figured out some of the mechanics of creating a blog.

It means I’ve followed a dream of mine to merge my love of writing with something useful — a way to reach out and possibly bless others that makes my many trials in life have meaning and connect to my passions.

And, something that makes me happy:  It means people searching for a way to reach out to someone might find my blog some day and join the conversation:

Blessing Your Someone
A place to become comfortable and to build confidence in walking alongside your someone during hard times

Here they are, all 20!

  1. Kitchen Creativity: When nothing tastes good
  2. Saying No
  3. Change of Season — The perfect time to pitch in
  4. Taking Inventory of Your Own Personality
  5. So Much Paper — Where could I start?
  6. Blessing the Kids
  7. Imagining an Afterlife: Movies From the 1930s
  8. Watching Programs Together
  9. Beginning a Conversation With Someone Who is Struggling
  10. Kids Can Contribute to Blessing Others
  11. Mercy — Choosing a New Perspective
  12. 20 Ideas for Filling a Gift Bag with Comfort — to bless almost anyone
  13. So what brings you to town? An unexpectedly risky question
  14. Someone DOES Need to Know Your Password
  15. Introduction — Welcome to the Blessing Your Someone Blog
  16. Your Very Special Someone
  17. 12 Things I’ve Learned From Greeting Cards… and Their Senders (part 2)
  18. 12 Things I’ve Learned From Greeting Cards… and Their Senders (part 1)
  19. Letting Go of “Helping”
  20. When lives intersect… it is a blessing

Celebrate with me today.  Wander around the blog.  Ask questions, make suggestions, pass along a link to someone you know, in case it’s useful to them.

May our blessings increase with support from one another.

Okay, a short blog from me, who knew that was possible?!

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